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New Delhi based startup’s Adopt A Tree campaign has reached new heights as it gets much needed support from the lawmakers in the national capital. The MLAs (Member of Legislative Assembly) of the ruling AAP (Aam Aadmi Party), including their head, the Chief Minister – Mr. Arvind Kejriwal have vowed to support this campaign.

Apart from the AAP, ministers from the central government too have joined the bandwagon. Minister of Parliament (MP) from Tughlakabad area – Mr Ramesh Bidhuri is one such example from the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party). Other prominent personalities to support Sabakuch Adopt A Tree campaign include the Mayors of the north and south delhi municipal corporations, AAP education minister – Manish Sisodia, and MLAs such as: Anil Kumar Bajpai, Jarnail Singh, Pawan Sharma, SK Bagga, Mahinder Yadav, Naresh Balyan, Nitin Tyagi, Vijendar Garg.

‘’People are getting lazy. It takes 6-7 minutes to plant a tree. All horticulture departments of the government are willing to give free saplings to be adopted. Whenever I go for some inauguration, I either plant a new tree or adopt an existing one’’, said, MP Ramesh Bidhuri.

The Adopt A Tree campaign is a part of Sabakuch or SBK Green Delhi Initiative. The 45-day long campaign was kicked-off on July 5th, 2018 from Connaught Place amidst big crowd gathering and with NDMC Director (Horticulture), Mr. KP Singh.

Under this campaign common masses and politicians have taken a pledge to protect, preserve and nurture the trees in the city. Till now nearly a dozen MLAs and hundreds of citizens have come out in support of this initiative.

‘’We consume nearly 100 trees since we come on this earth in the form of fruits, using wood for furniture, cremation, etc. It is my appeal through that people must stop cutting a large tree just for the sake of increasing a few inches of their homes and balconies. We cannot hear those trees cry, but we can certainly feel their cries. If all development takes place without adequate Oxygen, then what good is such a development’’, said Mrs. Bandana Kumari, Ex-Deputy Speaker of Aam Aadmi Party.

The Green Delhi Initiative comes at a time when 17000 trees in the city were about to be cut down for re-development purposes. However, due to persistent protest by citizens and by order of the High Court of Delhi, the cutting has come to a halt.

Adopt A Tree campaign will now seek to involve more support from the lawmakers as well as ordinary citizens to keep the momentum going for the rest of its course.


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