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Today everyone knows what is women empowerment, and what is the importance in our society. Yes, she has a decision. They want equality. Women empowerment which means empowering the women to take the right choice for their personal dependent. In this century everybody is equal. The success is not only for men; Women also have a capability to achieve their ambitions. So the society has to give a space or support to show their skill.

Women empowerment is necessary to give wings for women, This will change the entire county and they will also a part of every victory. This is why Beyond Pink is a part of it. Literally, this is a Women Empowerment app to amplify and motivate their skills.

More about our Women Empowerment app

Beyond Pink is designed to solve the information challenges faced by women. It will provide right and relevant information. Beyond Pink is entirely different from a usual news app. Because it is predominantly focusing on women and the news are in a Beeps format. Beeps which always giving short news, So within seconds you can read the news. Now it is one of the Best Breaking News App for Smartphone. This Mobile app is very simple to use and informative content.

Beyond Pink team believes that information is one of the ways to empowerment because powerful information can trigger mindset change and help break barriers of the mind.

Our Ultimate aim is to provide recent news and informative articles which is related to women.


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