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NEEM Scheme is a program which is designed for the internship or on the job training system. This program is launched by Indian Govt. to convert its degree holder youths into a skilled workforce. The NEEM Scheme, keeping in line with Indian government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative and our commitment to development of the local communities, will focus on building up the technical skill levels of fresh students and create industry-ready, skilled candidates.


CLR Skills has a training foundation which helps Indian youths to become a powerful vehicle for the growth of companies.


Eligibility of A Trainee for registration in CLR Skill Foundation:


1. A person who has completed graduation / diploma or a person pursuing studies can registered under NEEM Scheme is called a NEEM Trainee.


2. A person wants to be trained under NEEM should be at least 16 years of age and not more than 40 years of age as on the date of registration.


3. Person desirous of becoming a NEEM Trainee should at the time of application either be pursuing some vocational training in institutes like ITI or should be pursuing graduation or should have left studies after 10th standard.


4. He should also meet the physical and health criteria of the NEEM trainee.


The director of the Mr. Gaurav Pathak says, “Candidate may apply online for registration under NEEM training & mention trades of his choice. The trainee will get an online receipt and acceptance of offer letters from CLR Skill Foundation. The foundation views the application of candidates & offers a seat to the candidate. They can contact a candidate after selection.”


Gaurav says, “Each NEEM trainee shall be provided comprehensive training in the trade by deployment in the premises of an employer in field operations depending on the trade selected. The duration of NEEM Training will depend upon the nature and the requirement of the training provider. It is largely decided by the requirements of the same.”


Gaurav further says, “Our training foundation provides basic training that consists of theoretical and practical instructions relating to the trade in which on-the-job-training is to be imparted. They will provide technical inputs over two years and hand hold the youth to be industry ready. The course is designed into two parts – technical orientation delivered through class room sessions and on-the-job training in the world-class manufacturing industry. The first six weeks the trainees will be groomed on behavioral skills combined with culture building. Trainees will gets a stipend from Rs.1500/- – Rs.7500/- per month as per their qualification / degree. CLR Skill Foundation also takes care of health & safety of trainees.”


Period of training


In CLR Skill foundation NEEM training will provided be for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 36 months training. The duration of NEEM Training will depend upon the nature and the requirement of company. It is largely decided by the requirements of the same. The training will be provided to trainees with the industries and companies which has proper empanelment under the scheme.


As a NEEM Trainee you shall maintain a record of your work during the period of the NEEM training in a performa prepared and approved by CLR Skills.


Rules of Contract for Imparting Training Under Neem


A contract shall be signed between CLR Skills Training Foundation and the NEEM Trainee to capture all terms & conditions which would govern the relationship.


The NEEM training shall be deemed to have started from the date of joining of the NEEM.


Any remuneration / stipend paid to a trainee is a consolidated amount not subject to any other deduction of payment as applicable in a regular employment.


The NEEM contract shall not be either an offer of employment or a guarantee of employment in CLR SKILLS.


Their motive is to increase the engagements of apprentices from present 2.3 lakh to 50 lakh cumulatively by 2020. We are keen to see the Indian industry becoming globally competitive.




Gaurav Pathak



B-814, 3rd floor, Demech House Next to German Bakery, Law College Rd, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411004


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