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Neem Scheme

Pune, India - Indian youths have great potential in every field but due to lack of a good skills they do not get a chance to work in a reputed organization. So for enhancing their skills NEEM Scheme (National Employability Enhancement Mission) is launched by Govt. of India under the aegis of AICTE. These trained youth have great potential to reach a company to a new high. Skilled worker hire services can be beneficial to any business regardless of its area of specialization. An industry can hire the skillful trainees. By hiring them they can be valuable hands on deck. They can help explore peripheries of technology.


The Govt. of India realizes the issue of unskilled worker for a long time. Hence it has come up with some promising programs like NEEM Scheme. In this Govt. of India initiative, CLR Skills plays an important role. CLR Skills is a registered NEEM agent that fulfills the gap between the student & the skill required for the industry. CLR Skills a dedicated NEEM Agent is helping Industries to meet its skilled manpower requirement. As a dedicated NEEM agent the company is doing best in providing the right manpower to the companies of all sectors.


CLR Skill training foundation is NEEM Scheme facilitator. They provide consultative services to their clients. They understand the company needs and requirements. They provide the trainees that you can efficiently use & gain maximum benefits from NEEM scheme. CLR Skill training foundation knows the true value of skill development.


The director of the Mr. Gaurav Pathak says, “In this program candidates as a trainee undergoes extensive on the job training in an industry, which would enhances his employability. Practice makes a man perfect. If trainees learned about a specific technique in the classroom, then they can do it practically in the company.”


They can help explore peripheries of technology that you'd love to prototype but can't afford to. The trainees can become valuable full-time employees later. They will work regular hours, they will provide output to the industry. These interns are very enthusiastic and help to build a team in more cost effective manner.


Gaurav says, “Neem Scheme improves competence & efficiency of the organization. This gives an opportunity to the company to prepare the candidates according to their requirements. So that the trainees would work comfortably in industrial work culture. This scheme facilitates equitable education and employment through multi-trade skill development, certification, employment and sector-specific entrepreneurship. We facilitate students to find and access necessities of life during their first-time-away-from-home experience.”


Role of NEEM trainee provider like CLR Skills (NEEM AGENT) is paramount for success of skill development training. The trainee provider will help the candidate find a suitable industry for apprenticeship. This helps the youth to get employment and increase their productivity in the current world. CLR Skills being a responsible NEEM agent filters the right candidates for the industries. CLR Skills takes care of all legal formalities. They conduct regular review with students as well as representatives of the industry to ensure the best outcome of the program for students as well as industry. We are fully equipped to handle all your skill development needs.


Gaurav further says, “A skilled worker is often immediately ready to assume the responsibilities of a new job. On the other hand, unskilled employees are usually not yet trained to perform specific jobs. The scheme drives recruitment that ensures best and most suitable candidates get placed in the right role. Quality Work Experience, with reputed organizations can ensure the possibility of getting hired permanently.


CLR Skill Training Foundation is one of the best NEEM Agent in the country. They have provided NEEM Trainees to many industries & the give the highly productive outputs.




Gaurav Pathak



B-814, 3rd floor, Demech House Next to German Bakery, Law College Rd, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411004


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