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Since there is a huge needed on professional engineers, TechnoBuddy is coming to help fresh engineers to find proper jobs. The company also helps companies to find the best engineers.

As the number 1 and the largest engineering pre recruitment company in India, Technobuddy is trying to fill the need of professional engineers for companies across India. The company works by hiring fresh engineers and give them the best trainings. The trainings are adjusted with the industry requirements.

The main goal is to help those professional engineers to find the best job along with great working atmosphere and reasonable monthly salary. The company grows larger and now the service areas are included Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and Lucknow. The trainings are various including Telecom Training, HVAC courses, solar installation training, digital marketing training, and many more.

“Due to huge requirement in Above industries, we require so many B.Tech/B.E. fresher candidates. We are conducting above programs along with a 100% guaranteed job.” said the Manager.

The company has successfully accommodated engineers and companies so they can make great agreement. It is stated that there are over 5000 engineers who have been found their proper jobs in the last 10 years in India. It is not a short time to show the reputation and develop into a big company.

The success can’t be separated from the role of high quality courses given to the engineers which valuable for them to finish any kind of jobs and projects. During the program, engineers are directed to take various courses including telecom courses, HVAC courses, digital marketing course, ccna course and solar training. The company is also supported the engineers with networking courses. TechnoBuddy is not only want to give technical knowledge but also networking knowledge so the engineers are able to take any kind of opportunities for a better career or future.

Engineers who want to follow the program have to take a short course for 2 up to 3 months. All fresh B.E engineers are welcome to register and follow the program. The engineers are study and taking the courses in the best HVAC training institutes. The company is not only ready to train engineers to get proper jobs, but also for those who want to continue their study.

There are specific courses which lead to the best institute in Delhi and the best institute in Hyderabad. There is a huge opportunity and requirement for engineers in India. The key is improving skill and knowledge to meet the needs. In the future, the company hopes that their service can be the best telecom training in India, which helps more fresh engineers to achieve their dream. Then, there will be great, professional, and well known engineers from India, which have an important role in the development of the company as well as the country.



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