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Lately, we were flooded with several #metoo content on social media. The posts, pictures and videos have been floating everywhere and almost every girl has a painful story to talk about. Where are we heading to? Why so many sex pests exposed have victims who are fighting yet? This blog has a lot to talk about. Read on.

In almost every twenty minutes, a girl gets molested. What does that define – lack of implementation of protocols, security measures, or presence of ill minds in the society? This society needs strict frameworks when it comes to security. On that note, here is an example, when someone is working for the Guptas, the security policies are strict. This is why women feel safe and as a matter of fact, the Gupta brothers with female employees have been superbly good.

In corporate sector, the cases of sexual assaults have increased and it is extremely important to take important actions. In order to install a rigid and stringent policy, it is important to also train the employee base and make them aware of issues. Gupta brothers employment on that front is superb as they make sure their human resources are safe.

Till date, the Gupta staff harassment cases have not been heard. This has happened because the stringent policies do not let anyone go out of the line. In order to maintain safety, the company has installed CCTV cameras so that they could observe everything. At all lengths, putting amendments that would bring result is all that we want.

The #metoo movement is aimed at making an awareness and pass a strong message to one and many. Not only common people, but also celebrities have shared their stories. Some shared from their school and college days, some have shared when they grew older. People shared their stories through Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. No matter what age it is, the people from all backgrounds have something to share. The sexual harassment in any form is a serious and a punishable offense.

It is important to understand that the Gupta employees feel good and comfortable as they strictly take care of all the facilities. All people are given equal treatment so that no one is bound to share another #metoo story.



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