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New Delhi based popular startup - Sabakuch India LLP (, will take up a social cause under its Green Delhi Initiative. The initiative will run a campaign with the title – ‘’Adopt A Tree’’, to spread awareness about deforestation, growing pollution and benefits of having trees in the city of Delhi.

The final date of campaign’s launch will be decided in the first week of July 2018. And, the Adopt a Tree campaign will last for 45 days. In this regard, the company has plans to push the strategy through both online and offline marketing.

The company has planned the following tentative schedule for its Green Delhi Initiative:

1. Putting up of large Banners across Delhi

2. Distribution of pamphlets to citizens

3. Spreading awareness in schools/colleges on the adoption of trees

4. Online posting of images with facts about the importance of trees

5. An inaugural program will be held in Connaught Place regarding the green drive

In order to assist people to adopt a tree, the company is currently in the process of hiring interns who can join this social awareness exercise for 45 days and get paid with a sum of Rupees 10,000/-.

‘’According to government’s own reports Delhi’s green cover or forest area has reduced to 13% in 2017. The recent order to cut down 16,500 trees in the city will only worsen the situation. As per WHO report, Delhi is world’s most polluted city. By not caring for trees we will make it unlivable for our children and ourselves. Adopting a tree is like a pledge that we take to protect, nurture, and preserve the trees around us. Trees and us are dependent on each other and we need to understand that in order to keep a healthy eco-system. Cutting down trees not only affects us humans but also affects the birds and animals that live on it’’, says, Mr Rakesh Sharma, Founder, Sabakuch India LLP.

‘’We will try and push this campaign as best as we can so that we can reach maximum audience and influencers. Not just the general public, but the support of politicians and celebrities will also be crucial’’, he further added.

The Adopt a Tree campaign is the second in a series of social awareness drive by Sabakuch. Earlier in April 2018, the company launched Encroachment Free Delhi drive to help in implementation of Supreme Court’s order of removing illegal constructions in the national capital.


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