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Indian Art Ideas, a recognised online art gallery has declared the commencement of the monthly exhibition from 1st of June 2018, to 1st of July 2018. This online art convention is based on the theme of “There is no planet B”, stating the importance of preservation of Mother Earth. Our planet is dying daily due to our ignorance and it is our responsibility to salvage the nature that offers us space, environment, water and food to live on.

The main spotlight of this art exhibition is to make people aware of the calamitous consequence we are going to face if no steps regarding the conservation of nature are taken. Art lovers would be able to explore an extensive assortment of paintings (from renowned and the forthcoming artists) depicting the significance of saving the mother earth. The featured collection on the website provides a wide range of such artworks for the art aficionados.

Converging the focus on what happens if Earth will die, Indian Art Ideas bring the exquisite and mesmerising artworks of different artists at one platform. “We do not have any other place to go if Earth is doomed” is the ultimate message these paintings will be reflecting through vivacious colours, dynamic style and appealing patterns.

Indian Art Ideas is an online dais that takes pleasure in quenching the thirst of various art lovers for a long time now. This marvellous platform is known to encourage and accolade the work of more than 1000 artists. Every month, this renowned gallery celebrates art by conducting an exhibition based on varied themes.



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