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For a long time, internships remained inaccessible to many students in India. People were not aware of the opportunities and it was not taken seriously, so Indian Govt. with the help of AICTE has launched a program called NEEM (National Employability Enhancement Mission) scheme. It is aimed at enhancing employability and provide a large scale platform for overcoming the current challenges of the Industry. On Job training is an integral part of NEEM Scheme. Here, the fees are borne by the beneficiary industry and the students are paid stipend also to take care of themselves.

According to the Director of, Gaurav Pathak, “In this program candidates as a NEEM trainee undergoes extensive ‘on the job training’ in an industry, which would enhance his employability. Practice makes a man perfect. If trainees learned about a specific technique in the classroom, they are able to test it out in the world of work. They will be much more equipped with the technique.”

Candidates shall be able to understand the gap between their education and requirement of industries through On Job Training. Through National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM) registration candidates shall be getting the opportunity for “On Job Training”. The Scheme provide the candidate with access to practical skills.

Gaurav says, “All trainees shall be given an apprenticeship-cum-employability training proficiency certificates or Apprenticeship training completion certificates based on the successful completion of training. In other countries where skilled workers are properly trained and use latest tools and technology, India has a long way to go in.”

Their work needs professional finishing and this poses a bigger challenge for both the industry & the youth. Earlier, students were interested in internships but there weren’t many opportunities as there were few companies that would take interns. This is not an employment contract or a Labour contract.

Gaurav further says, “NEEM Trainees are a powerful vehicle for improving employability because of learning-by-doing and learning-while-earning. NEEM Scheme provides them with access to practical skills. Trainees can be appointed in any trade or function at any location in India. This training enhances job placement and promote career progression for trainees.”

The formal and informal sectors of the employed category will be provided skill upgrade options through ‘On Job Training’. This training introduce to fortify the educational systems in India. This will also contribute to workforce productivity, socio-economic development and social harmony through academic, research, training and extension programs. Students going for internships should focus solely on learning.

Stipend shall be paid as a single consolidated amount, and such payment will not attract any statutory deductions or payments applicable to regular employees since the NEEM contract assures training & does not constitute employment.

The industry has the opportunity to choose the best. This gives the opportunity to develop its own Skilled Manpower according to company requirements & work culture. This training improves Efficiency & Productivity of the company. This provides company the opportunity to train and retain the trainees if required. The industry directly benefits from enhanced skills, higher productivity and better professionalism.

Skill Development through ‘On Job Training’ model is a win-win game for both the industry and jobless youths. The youths undoubtedly are the biggest beneficiaries as it improves their employability and market value as well as their capability to become self-employed.

If executed properly apprenticeship can help provide suitable jobs to a very large number of youths. It has the potential to serve the purpose of both the government which wants to provide jobs and the industry which wants trained and experienced hands. The youth from both engineering and non-engineering courses would have many more ‘On Job Training’ opportunities in upcoming days..

In fact, skilled careers could be more satisfying than routine jobs since they give an opportunity to use inborn talent and interest that could be joyful and satisfying as well as financially rewarding! With right incentives and right awareness, we can make a change.


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