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Prerana Healthcare foundation, founded by Mr Rangarajan Venkatesan and Dr Savita Rangarajan, opened a Centre in Sion in 2014 and has been actively involved in the treatment of Haemophilia patients, under the guidance of Dr. Savita Rangarajan. They are handling more than 200 patients, teaching them how to live and cope with Haemophilia, a genetically inherited Bleeding disorder, where patients suffer from bleeding because of deficiency of Factor in the blood. A Clinic and a Pathology  laboratory was inaugurated in Chembur on 17th June, specifically for dealing with haematological disorders and Coagulation Medicine.

On this day they had tied up with Blessings Always, who are celebrating their Year for Haemophilia this year and are devoted to bring awareness about this rare disorder and get everyone involved in helping the Haemophiliacs, so that they can lead a normal life. According to a Founding member “Rare Diseases like Haemophilia are not given proper support and care primarily because of lack of awareness among people and patients, this needs to change if we want a better India, we chose Haemophilia this year because of the conditions in which the patients are treated and made aware of their situation, we aim at providing apt medical facilities through our vision to all.”

Shri Sanjay Deshmukh, Hon’ble Secretary, Medical Education and Drugs Department, GOV of Maharashtra, graced the occasion by inaugurating Prerana Haematology Clinic and Prerana Pathology Lab, he showed a lot of support and encouragement towards this new venture, and appreciated the work done by both the foundations, Blessings Always also donated 5000 units of factor VIII, on the same occasion.


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