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Childrens book author Nancy Tobin has published four educational and fun childrens picture books, available for purchase on Amazon. Nancy Tobin is also known by her alias Nan Becklean.

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Nancy Tobin wrote these books so that parents could use them to increase their childrens vocabulary as to bugs, animals, sea creatures and birds in a fun, playful, colorful way they will respond to.

The books are intended for children ages 3 to 8. The series is called Silly Little Picture Books and the author teaches children new words by showing bugs, sea creatures, animals and birds doing comical, impossible things in rhyme.

The Big Bug Party was written by Nancy Tobin and illustrated by Isabel Heath and is a story that teaches children about twenty-eight bugs. The author intends to capture the attention of children with playful rhymes and colorful pictures. The ticks tell jokes and tickle gnats, the worms wear butterflies as hats, the aphids pose as acrobats.

Another book in the series is called The Amazing Animal Fair and is another playful rhyming story to teach children the names of thirty-two animals. Sea creatures are the main topic of The Great Sea Jamboree, where the author continues her playful and fun style to teach children the names of twenty-seven creatures under the sea.

The fourth book in the Silly Little Picture Book series is called The Awesome Bird Hullabaloo and features birds as characters. Twenty-eight birds including condors, robins and penguins make an appearance in this whimsical, fun and educational story.

The Big Bug Party, The Amazing Animal Fair and The Great Sea Jamboree were all written by Nancy Tobin and illustrated by Alex Bjelica. The four books in the series dont need to be read in any particular order and are available in both paperback and eBook from Amazon. The eBook comes free with the purchase of the paperback.


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