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Kool MJ is a leading provider of premium-grade cannabis in California. With its marijuana delivery service inclusive of every city in the state, and soon the whole country, the company offers consumers safe, legal, and discreet access to their stash, eliminating their need to visit a cannabis dispensary entirely.

According to Kool MJ, the war on weed is far from over, despite the fact that California opened its legal recreational market on New Year’s Day. Police officers are still using vast resources to crackdown on illegal pot growers, confiscating plants in their thousands. The reasons for this persecution are complex and many. Just because weed is legal now does not mean people can grow it without restrictions.


Under California’s legal marijuana laws, you need a state-issued license to grow more than 12 plants on your property. Any more is against the law. The only exception to this rule is that medical patients or their caregivers may grow as much pot as they need, provided they have a doctor’s letter of recommendation to prove their legitimacy.

Furthermore, counties have the right to decide on their own if they will even allow grow operations in their jurisdictions. Many are choosing to ban marijuana cultivation outright, while others are opting to permit it, on condition that growers adhere to stringent local and state regulations, as well as licensing laws. Anyone caught with more than 12 plants and no permission to grow them may still face arrest. Across the state, especially in the remotest areas of California, people are not complying with these laws. Police are finding anywhere from 100 plants to 3,000 plants on a single premises.Many of these growers are also repeat offenders. Police officers are overwhelmed, and lawmakers are doing their utmost to help them resolve these issues, but for every grow shut down, another several start up again.

Earlier this year, the BBC filmed officers destroying crops in large numbers, showing them actively cracking down on illegal growers. It seems many cartels are now cultivating weed in California to ship across state, even country, lines. Estimations are that approximately 2,000 illegal grow operations are thriving in Sisskiyou County alone. In fact, finding a parcel of land without weed growing on it is rare. Millions of dollars’ worth of pot is secretly flourishing in these remote areas. It is a haven for organized crime, and evidence exists of human trafficking, as well.

Officers believe that criminals are exploiting many of these growers either by force or with promises that never materialize. With resources exhausted, officers are pleading for help from state and federal agencies to deal with this issue.

Toward the end of 2017, SisskiyouCounty declared a state of emergency and requested state and federal aid, as well as the additional resources and work force of the California Army National Guard. Not only are these properties hideouts for multi-million dollar criminal networks, they also pose a public health and safety hazard for both the neighborhoods and the individuals living in those conditions.

Back in 2016, Sisskiyou County established a cannabis eradication unit. In 2017, it seized 27,000 illegal plants and processed marijuana worth $375 million. Growers know what they are doing is against the law, as they block roads and deliberately make entry into their premises difficult. Officers feel they are fighting a losing battle. However, they are persevering and doing what they can to stop these grows.

Kool MJ is an online cannabis dispensary based in California , serving consumers throughout California. Its large selection of products consistently meet regulatory requirements for the highest quality marijuana and the company only delivers to valid and legal adults. Consumers across California can now enjoy overnight marijuana delivery direct to their doorstep in one or two business days. Kool MJ is expanding its overnight delivery service throughout the United States and soon, consumers everywhere will enjoy the same benefits.

To order cannabis delivery through Kool MJ, customers must upload a copy of the I.D., which can be a government-issued photograph, a driver’s license or a passport. The company is fully compliant with state laws and regulations.


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