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Source Sunil Sharma

Industries are also a big part of any country’s growth. They are the one who play a big role in making a GDP looks good. One of these industries is Software or IT Industries. These are the companies who play their play in making the IT sector of a country grow. Now there are many big name companies like Infosys, TCS and Accenture but getting in them is like haunting a shark in depth of the ocean. Where as in cities people make a startup and make their own software company. The similarity between these companies is that they both started as startup but one is more successful than other. But on the same side there is no place for comparing in business or in successful people dictionary. They just keep going in the right direction. They don’t throw stone every dog they see because they are doing thing they are good at so why don’t you. These small software companies have really good potential employees with aim to learn new things. But now there are lots of small companies who try to make place of their own but ended up as nothing. Success of these companies depends upon the projects they are working on and the reputation in the market. About HawksCode: HawksCode is an Australian based IT company that has successfully spread its roots in 5 different countries. The company was introduced to the world on Sept 27, 2012. It also started as startup but now is on top of the chart of theirs success. HawksCode have specialization in Cross Platform Application, Web development and design, iOS application development and many others. Some of the successful product of HawksCode is EasyShiksha, an online education portal/ website that provide information of universities and colleges to student and also offers free test series in different subjects.


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