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HDU Healthcare is seeking to bridge the existing service gap for patients who require specialized and integrated at-home care. Founded by a team of ICU doctors – headed by Dr Suneel Kumar Garg and senior healthcare professionals, the company is a profitable and collaborative venture designed to offer a one-stop medical solution for all home healthcare services.


Established in 2018, HDU Healthcare has already grown to become one of India’s leading healthcare services. The firm currently operates in six different locations across the nation: Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Nagpur and Jaipur and plans to reach the other parts of India in the forthcoming years.  

HDU embarked its journey last year to bring a much-needed inclusivity within India’s healthcare ecosystem, which is now witnessing a paradigm shift fostered by technology and portable equipment. Seeing the need to shift and accommodate patients who require care at home, HDU wanted to offer the best care at home for patients who are critically ill, living with chronic diseases, as well as elderly patients, physically challenged and other people in need of medical care for a prolonged period of time.


The company’s services are not limited to nursing care or physiotherapy; it combines ICU setup at home, post-liver and kidney transplant care, advance oncology (including fourth-stage and palliative care) as well as post-stroke patients and tracheotomy care. HDU also offers medical equipment, air road ambulances and medical consumables that make the company a one-stop solution for all home healthcare services.


“I have been in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years and always wanted to offer society with the best medical results leading to physical, mental and emotional health, said Mr. Ambrish Mishra founder of the HDU Healthcare. With rapidly emerging technology and evolving trends in healthcare, HDU Healthcare was established to mitigate the numerous delivery challenges currently present in the homecare health sector. We are therefore focusing on providing a complete healthcare solution to our patients in a comfortable and familiar environment with reduced hospitalization cost and hospital-acquired infections.”


HDU has already serviced >1,600 patients with >60 percent of them being in critical or semi-critical conditions. With its team of industry experts, HDU Healthcare employees include qualified ICU doctors, over 450-ICU trained nurses, nearly 50 masters in physiotherapy and medical trained attendants with a comprehensive array of medical equipment.


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